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News From The West was one of twenty briefcases in the “Karamustafa Import Export” project which consisted of a briefcase which traveled between Vienna and Istanbul during one year carrying the work of one artist from the country of origin. The title of the project referred to Karamustafa Pasha who led the Ottoman armies in the siege of Vienna in the 17th century. The Ottomans were defeated but the cultural and political impact of the event led the way to transfer of goods and evolution of cultural images including the myth of the “Terrible Turk”. The briefcase contains 20 folders and a Turkish evil-eye bead. Inside each folder are quotations about the “Turk” taken from western publications between 1717-1997. The quotes are in their original fonts set to a subjectively created rhythm. The folders and their contents are notarized in Istanbul. Most Turks believe in the power of the bead to protect them against misfortune.

News From The West 1997
attache case, 20 folders, evil-eye bead paper, glass, ribbon, metal
45.70 x 30.50 x 11.40cm

In the collection of Wien Museum as part of "Karamustafa Import Export"

Selected exhibitons

Installation view, Echo Raum, Vienna, 1997

Installation view, Museum Fur Volkerkunde, Vienna, 1997