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"No Name is the culmination of a series of works that Duben began following the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Kosovo, which took place in 1998. It led her to reflect upon the extent of the forced migration of minorities that had been taking place across the world for over a century. Tackling the subject from a global perspective, she sought out images and documents that visualised these colossal movements of people; focusing on the moment of crossing, she chose to evoke these stories in a variety of ways. Harrowing narratives unfold across the pages of the book. Images that have been drawn from newspapers, scenes of families and individuals on the move, are printed onto a fine gauze; the gossamer quality of the fabric belies the pain experienced within. The whole is enclosed within a metal binding, the delicated pages punctuated at times with burn marks. "

Excerpt from the catalog essay in Reflections: contemporary art of the Middle East and North Africa
The British Museum Press, 2020
Curator: Venetia Porter with Natasha Morris and Charles Tripp

No Name, 2017
Artist’s book, single edition; print on synthetic silk, steel frame
H: 15 cm W: 55.7 cm D: 5 cm
The British Museum permanent collection