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“They is a multi-screen video installation about how the majority of society in Turkey view those they consider as “others” and how these marginalized others perceive one another. The installation presents 24 people who come from a diversity of ethnic origins, belief systems, and sexual orientations. They appear on different screens and share their personal stories. Kurds, Alevis, Zazas, Rums, Armenians, Jews, Romanis, LGBT individuals, covered Muslim women, as well as women violated by their husbands, recount their experiences both to each other and at the same time to the audience. They discuss their attitudes, prejudices and preconceptions as if at a roundtable where their views come together in unison. They suggests creating a new public space where we are willing to listen to each other and discover who we are. It is also a sound and light installation in which the words uttered and songs sang by these people are mixed in an ambient murmur while each person appears and disappears like shining stars in the dark. For a moment we are all equal.”

İpek Duben

Salt Galata, İstanbul

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